Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Helping Hands trip...

Both the therapists I have flown over from Prague last week and now this week have been working with children running Hippotherapy camps for many children and families.

"Hippotherapy is a treatment method of physiotherapy (rehabilitation) which uses a specially prepared horse, specifically the movement of his back during a walk, to provide therapeutic effects. This movement is alternating and repeats rhythmically and cyclically. It offers stimulation for all senses and this directly influences motor behavior of the client through the activation of all levels of central nervous system. Our main aim is to improve neurological functions and sensory processing in children with various health disorders."

One of the ideas I am starting to consider is about collaborating the efforts between the UK and EU therapists even further next year....

The farm where we are accessing treatment with Anel this year is the home of a child with complex needs like Sierra's. They have built a property that has a hydrotherapy pool, therapy rooms and stables with horses, all of which the family intend to offer for other children with disability.

One of my commitments is to empower families like mine to access a global approach to treatment. While some of what each country offers is excellent, I have found that a combination of the various approaches, at different times of Sierra's journey, has been most impactful. 

I see a possibility of supporting other families accessing treatment that is not available where they live. 

If we were to have the Czech physiotherapists working from the same place as the UK therapists for a couple of weeks next year, and encouraged families to access the therapy all together it would be easier. 

Something like: one week of Hippotherapy in the morning, physiotherapy in the afternoon and a couple of hydrotherapy sessions. I think it would be great for the parents as well!

Food for thought!