Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yoga Marathon December 6th

Bikram Yoga Fitzroy has offered to run another fundraiser for Sierra Rose!

Sierra requires medicine and contact lenses from Europe to continue to stay seizure free and continue to develop an ability to read and communicate through eye pointing and symbols. This costs approximately $3000 each time, and I travel with Sierra to England twice a year to collect these and see physios etc. That means I additionally have to find money for the flights, accomodation and general travel costs.
The yoga marathon is to raise $3000 for the next batch of medicine and lenses.
Below is a copy of Bikram Yoga Fitzroy's newsletter:
"Our event this year will be a one-day yoga marathon, on Thursday December 6th.  There are 6 classes held on that day and students and teachers are being asked to seek sponsorship from their friends and families for each class they complete.  Some people even intend to practice in all 6 classes!"
"Any support, large or small, will help us with this fundraising event.  You may participate yourself in the classes and get people to sponsor you or you can sign up as a sponsor for one of our students or teachers."
"Information will be posted in the studio and on our website later this month."
Any contribution will make a difference and Shane, Sierra and I thank you in advance for any contributions made.