Thursday, November 28, 2013

Last leg - Come forward if you can!

Here I am with just a month to go.....People (you) have been amazing to me this year. People (you) have gone beyond, come out of the woodwork and we have raised more money than ever before on equipment, therapy, O/S trips and for the first time respite as well. We now have the beautiful Melissa working for us and I trained Shane's sister Tania (our first family member to be able to fully care for Sierra) earlier this year while in Umbria.
We have also had more hospital stays this year and more set backs than ever before. In February we hit rock bottom when Sierra's hip operation did not go well and they had to re-do the op and she came out of hospital in a constant state of seizure activity, just after being hospitalised in January in status and then in September completely out of the blue Sierra got a flu right on the back of recovering from a chest infection and went straight into ICU. Life stood on a knife edge that night and thankfully she pulled through.
All the while we have remained committed that Sierra would get into mainstream school next year and be able to use her computer. Miraculously and through all our efforts she has been accepted at Doncaster Primary; we will hear any day now the confirmation of full funding, she has three aides and she is using her computer.

There is still another month and one last piece of money to be raised to train the school aides in how to use the computer to give Sierra a voice in the classroom.

Thank you all, and come forward if you can help!