Sunday, July 26, 2009

A New Level of Development

Shane and I have observed that Sierra is making better sounds, more interesting sounds. While in Prague the doctor WITHOUT hearing what results we were seeing from the Stem Cell said that the next things for us to focus more on is getting Sierra to grab things. He said when a child starts grabbing they also start saying some words. He said this is a level of development that a child reaches. The two go together. It's amazing because I could not work out why I was only seeing results in Sierra's hands and tongue/ mouth, it seemed so unrelated.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tricky Fingers

The latest on Sierra's results are...since this second stem cell treatment we have seen a further reduction in tone in her upper body. I'm noticing she is moving her fingers independently for the first time and reaching out with open hands to clasp my arm or my hand. It's SO cute to feel her little hand gripping my arm and squeezing me.

Tiffany, Dave and Zannah

When I put my film on facebook I was not sure what I was going to do about another fundraiser and was using the film as a starting point. I didn't have much hope of getting people's support because I find it VERY difficult asking people for moeny.

Within 24 hours I received a call from Tiff and Dave. "We are in Melbourne can we come over and look at Shane's paintings? We want to buy one as a donation to your fundraiser."

I was so surprised. However, this is what gave me the confidence to continue with this fundraiser.

Unfortunately the painting was too big to transport from Melbourne to Sydney so they have donated regardless. Thanks guys!!

The running total is now: $16,415

Mystery Man

I met a man on an aeroplane named Arthur Spanos, who later donated $2000.

Thank you Arthur for your extraordinary generosity!

Stay tuned to hear more about the results Sierra receives.

Make May Your Mat Hire Month Too

Thank You Milli from Bikram, Yoga Tree and for the donation of $193.

Thank you Samantha from Bikram Yoga Brisbane for the donation of $565.

Both these schools participated in the Make May Your Mat Hire Month. Every bit REALLY helps and we are very thankful for your participation.

The running total is: $14,215

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Looser and looser baby

Hi all,

We had our first appointment at the Bobath Center yesterday and had some great news. Anel (physiotherapist) who hasn't seen Sierra for 6 months and has known her since she was 8 months old so is very familiar with the level of her spasticity, says she is much looser than she's seen previoulsy. Sierra has grown a lot and ordinarily this would mean she'd be tighter because the muscles don't lengthen. However, Anel says that in some parts she feels normal or even low tone. The only thing that could have affected this is the stem cell treatments because we have not used any botox.

So that's just fabulous!

Technical Difficulties!!

Apologies for the delay we have had some technical difficultis in creating new posts.

Now that I am up and running again I will make some announcements regarding new donations.

We are in the UK now.
Shane and Sierra had the stem cell in Germany last week and this week we have begun intense Physio at the Bobath Center to get the most out of the new neural pathways that are being newly connected from the stem cell.

So far we have noticed Sierra is talking a LOT more. She seems to be making a lot of noise. She is really chatty, it's amazing. Previously she would make noises but these are more interesting and varied.

I'll keep you updated on any other progress. Fingers crossed!!