Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mid Year Review

Mid-year review: Mummy needs to have better understanding and use of PODD communication book, everyone involved with Sierra's care needs to: a) not move forward in conversation with Sierra without a yes or no answer b) understand and use the computer. Melissa and Shane need to be trained in new physiotherapy from Anel. Need to find a new Australian epilepsy doctor who will work with EU doctor and get seizures back under control without use of sedative drugs, car seat and standing frame for next 5 years growth we now have, still waiting (for Govt. money) for new chair with special head rest to help with feeding and computer use, and swivel base for car seat. Found the right school for Sierra, now need to support them to make applications for one on one aide funding and to find an aide that's suitable to go into school with her. Respite funding in place until the end of the year. Last O/S trip paid. Next O/S trip booked for last two weeks in January.