Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Day Class - Bikram Yoga Glen Waverley

I am so blessed to be part of the wonderful community at yoga. Last year and this year Maggie's Bikram Yoga school's held a Christmas Day fundraiser for Sierra.

Yes, I did say a Christmas Day Class!!!!! The schools raised $1000!

Wow Maggie, what a wonderful and thoughtful way to contribute to us.

The running total is: $18,258.31

Everything makes a difference...

As part of the 30 Day Challenge people donate and sponsor me. Here's the list of this year's sponsors:

Adam Cohen, Conrad Amos, Geoff Gaylard, Shaun D'Arcy, Brette Lockyer, Benjamin Brodie, Alex Scott, Tania Trentin, Nicole Inston, Pauline Chou, Melanie Dilges, Kaye Ashton, Sladjana Sofranic, Rebecca Cameron, Lisa Johnston, Tracey & Gary, Luisa Garcea, Ravi, Anna Proietto, Tom McKenna, Barbara Smith, Dirk Snelleman, Janet Tang, Sharon Tolentino, Betty Lau, Mark Quinn-Newall, Kasia Tomczyk, Doan Vu, Amanda Reid, Monique Franzese, Antoinette Campana, Maggie Nikoloska, Simon Chen, Devon Peavoy, Eamon Cummins, Natasha Colchester, Johannes Mochayedi.

Thank you everyone!!!

The running total is: $17,258.31