Sunday, December 27, 2009

No Alcohol October

I was on a flight to Abu Dhabi and I met Donal a welder of gas pipelines. He took October off from drinking with his mates to raise money for alcohol awareness for kids. He never got around to donating the money.

He thought kids were well enough aware of alcohol!! He'd offerred to make a donation to Sierra instead.

I received a donation from Lisa (Donal's wife) for $1000!!

Running total is: $14,415.81

Friday, December 25, 2009

November Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challengers

Another 30 Day and 5 Day Challenger was one of the beautiful Bikram Yoga teachers Kylie Atkinson. Kylie participated in both last year's and this year's challenges.

She raised $220. Thank you Kylie, you are very generous and always a fun and happy person who inspires us all. You are a BIG star.

Running total is: $13,415.81

November Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challengers

Well done Angela Di Lalla! Angela raised $195.

Running total is: $13,195.81

November Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challengers

Thank you Belinda Stabb for participating in the challenge. Belinda raised $171!

Running total is: $13,000.81

November Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challengers

This year there were 35 people who participated in the November 30 Day Challenge. Some of these people used the challenge as an opportunity to raise money for Sierra.

Leah Davidson was one of these lovely people. She raised $101.50

Thank you Leah, the running total is: $12,829.81!

Elena Babitcheva

My lovely friend Elena, after telling me she couldn't participate, decided at the last minute to join in the 30 Day Challenge.

She went around to everyone at work and raised $590.

It's a funny story...I was at a client's office in Chirnside and I went to the loo. I couldn't believe it...standing there looking in the mirror was Elena. We had talked so many times about her work out at Chirnside but had never realised we work out of the same office.

She invited me in and it was great. I was able to say thank you to all her work colleagues personally.

The running total is: $12,728.31

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ravi the Taxi Driver Aka Winston Wolf

My friendly regular taxi driver Ravi was driving me one day while I was on the phone to Michael from Bikram Yoga Fitzroy. We were discussing the organisation of the All 5 Classes Challenge. At the end of the phone call Ravi hands me $50 from his own pocket!

Then he asked me a bit more about what we are raising money for and how much is needed. He then said, "Why didn't you say anything to me sooner, I would have already asked all the taxi drivers to contribute by now?!"

He then proceeded to do just that. He went to many of the private hire drivers that he knows and asked them to donate.

A little bit here and a little bit there. Ravi raised $360!!!

The running total is: $12,138.31

Eamon Cummins and Liam Cummins

These two guys have made a HUGE contribution to our November fundraiser. Eamon owns a building firm called Ultra Builders. Liam (his brother) who works there donated $900 worth of carpentry for us to raffle and now Eamon has made a donation of $500.

Thanks so much guys for your extraordinary generosity.

The running total is: $11,778.31

Last Last Tour De Sierra Update

Paul's team made one final donation today. Thank you Roger Corbett for your kind donation of $200.

The final total for Tour De Sierra is: $3055.88

This brings our running total to: $11,278.31
Thanks again Paul for all your efforts. We love you.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Closing the gap...after the November 30 Day Challenge

Dear Jerry, Maurice and David,

We are absolutely delighted to accept your very generous donation to contribute to our fundraising for the MyTobii communication computer.

The computer is an eye-gaze-operated device that will give Sierra the capacity to communicate with other people and fully express herself and her needs. Sierra will begin by using a system of individual symbols which, as she gets older, will be gradually replaced by increasingly more complex systems. As an adult, Sierra will have the option to use a full word processing program on the MyTobii.

We are very excited about Sierra having access to effective communication! We’re already seeing the frustrations that she experiences in daily life, when simply telling us she would like or not like something is difficult. Empowering Sierra and minimizing her difficulties will really improve her quality of life.

We’re not sure how much you know about Sierra’s history. Without the effort we have put in from the time she was diagnosed with severe Cerebral Palsy at the age of 6 months, her body would already be in bad condition and would likely show emerging deformities of back, limbs and hands. Sierra had poor eye sight which we improved with the guidance of an Ophthalmologist in Prague, she has epilepsy we control with medication and involuntary muscular tightness, mainly in her arms and legs.

The physiotherapy work we have done with Sierra over the last 3 years has kept her body in relatively good condition; she has learnt the physiological skills required to be able to operate the MyTobii computer.

It was our goal to buy the computer before Sierra reached the age of 3. We were told that we could make the biggest impact on her body in the first three years and now the focus expands to include communication as a major area of development. My Tobii will open up the world to Sierra through her use of language. She turns 3 in January so your donation brings us even closer to meeting our target!

Deb did a great job of making the announcement both special and a BIG surprise. Shane and I were brought to tears along with the rest of the team.

Thanks again for your fantastic contribution!


Shane and Karen

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last Tour De Sierra Update

Well done Tour De Sierra!! There has been some more donations...
Another $232.31 has come in.

Wow, overall you raised $2855.88 - that's over 13% of the cost of the My Tobii computer. Wow, wow, wow!

Running total: $11,078.31

Pauline Chou

Pauline comes regularly to my Friday night class. Apparently she used to work with a My Tobii computer and knows it very well. She has made a very generous donation of $300.

It's quite a funny story...she was at uni and all the other computers were broken. Although the My Tobii is VERY expensive it was the only one available so the team asked her to use it but she was instructed not to touch the screen - that meant using her eyes!!

No wonder she understood the value and ease of use of the machine.

Running total: $10,846.57

Raising $$ by Raffles

During challenge month various items were offerred as prizes for raffles.

For example Liam Cummins from Ultra Builders donated $900 worth of carpentry work!!

In total the raffles raised $662

The running total is: $10,546.57

Very Amazing Veronica!

Veronica is doing 100 days of Bikram Yoga to raise money for Sierra as her challenge. She has been absolutely determined to raise $1000 and she has finally done it.

An extreme athlete and an extremley wonderful woman!!

Thank you Veronica!

The running total is: $9884.57