Saturday, February 19, 2011

A no therapy day on London trip

6:00am Sierra needs milk after being awake for an hour due to jet-lag

7:00am Attempted breakfast with the family we're staying with, but Sierra won't eat

8-11am Stuffing around getting Sierra and I dressed, packing bags for the day

11:00am Bus to Leicester Square. Sierra still won't eat and now won't drink either

12:00pm Finally choose a cafe with as few tourists as possible and sit down with friend Katie, her 2 kids, and eat, drink and play. Sierra doesn't want food or drink but is tired and starting to have seizures

1:00pm About to have a breakdown from the stress of it all and ask as kindly as possible if Katie and kids could leave me behind so I can sit with Sierra while she sleeps (in my arms), and I can try alone to give her some food

3:00pm Sierra has slept and FINALLY had something to eat! Now, I can go shopping!!!!!!

3:15pm Realise it's almost impossible to have a buggy in small shops in London during the Summer sales

3:30pm Friend Sufiya texts to say she's around the corner and wants to meet while in I'm in London

3:45pm Sufiya takes over pram while I shop

4:30pm I've managed to buy 2 items in 1 shop, I'm now ready to collapse.....this day is too long!

5:30pm After coffee and catch-up with Suf, I give up on tubes and buses and get a black cab back to Katie and Nigel's house

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tales from the road...

When travelling o/s ordinarily I won't accept "meet and assist" because Sierra can't sit in the wheelchair and they refuse to carry the car seat or bags, so there is no point.

While travelling in December, the Qantas crew suggested I sit in the wheelchair and nurse Sierra.

Hilarious!! I am this energetic woman who can't wait to get off the plane and walk a million miles an hour and there I was being wheeled around. The "meet and assist" crew took me from the plane, up the lift, through duty free (kindly stopping at the pharmacy for paracetamol) then back downstairs in the lift to the gate.

Sierra loved it! I held her in my arms and she looked up and smiled at me adoringly.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

This week at home...

Shane and Sierra went back to CPEC (Cerebral Palsy Education Centre) to be videoed and compare progress to this time last year.

Sierra is rolling now and touching...her mental progress is also good. Whenever she makes noise Shane says, "Sierra, it sounds like you have something to say...Do you want to use your book?" It's that kind of discipline that will make the difference in her speaking with the computer.