Monday, May 18, 2009

We are almost half way there.

Thank you very much:
Shirley & Dan McAlpine, Nicola Jane Dexter, Tania & Kevin McLean, Fiona & Imran Shah, Susan Ribeck & daughter, Damien & Amanda Maguire, James Fleming, Samuel McGlennon, Jonathon Ekstrom, Marion McChesney, Rubi & Stu Solomon, Beloise Fin, Carol Goddard, Michael Kahane, Benjamin Langmead, Kate Mercer, Sarah Hockley, Indigo Group, Jamie Oliver, Tom, Max, Miller & Jodie Freeman , Kate Allan, Zubair Zakir, Doug Fisher, Tom & Loretta Cotter, Andrea Devine, Mark Hayford, AF Coxhead, Simon Cooper, Kathy Gepp, Clifford Harris, Shingadia BN, Neil Gibb and Alison Proud.

The Running Total is: $9500

Designer Handbag Donations...

Loredana kindly asked her friends to donate money to Sierra this year instead of buying her a designer handbag that she says she didn't really need!!! I can't comment about whether she needs the bag or not but her 30th Birthday gift money has started a trend...

Jake Wyatt kindly donated his birthday money and Laura Kahane asked her husband to donate to Sierra instead of buying her a Monther's Day gift.

Thank You:

Jacqueline Scarr
Emily Martin
Jenny White
A. Minns
Vanessa Bonney
Jake Wyatt
Laura Kahane

I feel humbled by these glorious people. The total from their efforts is:$600

Fundraising Tea Party for Sierra

Thank you Rachel Heavens for your fantastic fundraising idea of having a tea party.

Her party raised a total £337.85!
Even people who didn't attend donated.

Everything looks so yummy!
Well done Rach.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thank you Grantham family - Molly, Mick, Jim, Eve, Rose and Partners

Thank you so much Carol and Mick for organising such a generous donation from your family!!

We feel touched by your compassion and willingness to contribute. We'll let you know how the treatment helps Sierra.

The Granthams donated a HUGE $4000!

Our running total is now $7,350

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank you Bikram Glen Waverley and South Melbourne

Thank you Bikram Glen Waverley and South Melbourne for your generous donation from Mat Hire of $1900!!!!!

You have gotten us started with this fundraiser which we were SO STOPPED with. It is difficult to get out and ask people to contribute to your cause. Maggie, thank you for your fantastic email to all the studios. With four schools participating this will make a big difference.

The running total is $3350