Monday, September 21, 2015

Helping Hands trip...

We made it to Rome, and my shoulder is still intact. I was so concerned leading up to this trip about how I would manage two weeks of lifting Sierra and her equipment, several times a day, for two weeks. I've had an injured shoulder for weeks which hasn't been recovered due to lifting Sierra at home, so being away with her, full time for two weeks has been worrying. 

I had to ask for the airline attendants to help with the lifts from her wheel chair, to the aisle chair that takes her through the plane, onto the plane seat, then back onto another aisle chair to exit the plane, then onto her wheel chair and so bags! 

Thankfully Tereza, Sierra's physio for this week has arrived now arrived from Prague. Yesterday we took what became an epic journey from Rome to Tuscany via Pergia! Talk about annoying. There were no hire cars in Rome, NONE. We had to take a train to Perugia, then a taxi to Perugiua airport and then drive to Tuscany! 

Luckily Tereza is comfortable driving on the right hand side, and was able to help with all the lifts and transfers from one vehicle to another, which included Sierra, her wheel chair, car seat and many bags.