Saturday, August 8, 2015

Helping Hands!!

It's been a week since I announced we are kicking off a new fundraiser with a focus on having Sierra's hands become functional. If you spend just 10 seconds and imagine what difference using one's hands provides for any of us. For Sierra it could mean being able to direct a motorised wheel chair around her home.

We were able to get Sierra's hands to open from tight fists when we did Stem Cell therapy in her early years. We have enabled her hands to stay open (against the pull of the spasticity to revert back to fists) with Botox, hand splints and physiotherapy. It's now time to put those cute little hands to work!

The first challenge will be to loosen Sierra's upper body such that she can get the most from another physiotherapy intensive focussed on enabling her hands. The intensive will then need to be followed up by Shane and my efforts by applying a 6-12 month home program.

We have booked in with Anel van der Merwe for the week of September 28th - Oct 2nd for this physiotherapy intensive. The price will be £800 for 2 x sessions each day and the home program to be written up. Anel has been Sierra's physio since she was 5 months old and is by far the best Bobath therapist we have ever worked with. In addition she has partnered with Shane and me year on year in advising us how to take Sierra far beyond where others thought she could achieve.

I have also found the right person to work with Sierra ahead of the physio intensive to loosen up her upper body in preparation.... more to come!

Any 'helping hand' that you can offer will be appreciated, any amount makes a big difference. Karen, Shane and Sierra x