Saturday, August 15, 2015

Helping Hands!!

Sierra and I have been getting our hands dirty this weekend in an attempt to make hand printed t-shirts that we can give out as gifts for Sierra's Angels giving us a 'helping hand' towards the next focus... getting Sierra's hands functional to enable her to drive a motorised wheelchair.
We have a physiotherapy intensive booked for the last two weeks of September. We will be working with Anel van der Merwe who has worked with Sierra since she was 5-6 months of age and is by far the best physiotherapist we've found for Sierra's complex needs. In addition I have now confirmed Tereza Honcu to work with Sierra in advance of, and Anna Dobisova to work side by side with Anel during the week of September 28th - Oct 2nd to loosen her upper body up and provide additional support. Sierra is now at an age and body weight that I cannot do an OS trip alone. Previously I have flown a carer from Australia to help. Tereza is an excellent physiotherapist from Prague who has also supported Sierra from the first few months of her life and Anna is one of Tereza's peers. This time I am flying the two girls for one week each to support us. The care, physiotherapy and return flights are less than it costs to fly someone from here! I am so happy with the way all the pieces of the jigsaw are coming together, mostly because I know these therapists really connect with Sierra, and I feel confident it will make a significant impact to her function.

The next thing to secure is accommodation...

Any 'helping hand' that you can offer will be appreciated, any amount makes a big difference. Karen, Shane and Sierra x