Saturday, August 1, 2015

Helping Hands!!

It's time to start again......We left off in December 2014 with a bright future ahead. Unexpectedly we've had a tumultuous time integrating Sierra into school this year. Now with her participation in school finally settled we have had the space to consider what's next in supporting this little poppet in going beyond her limits..... After reflection on where Sierra's needs currently are and what would be the best thing to enable Sierra to be the most functional she can be (with a view to her living independently in the future), we have chosen her hands as the next focus. Hence my title "Helping Hands".

This September we have booked Sierra in with Anel van der Merwe (the most competent therapist we have found, and Sierra's physio of 8 years) to work specifically on obtaining more functionality with her hands.

Any 'Helping Hand' that you can offer will be appreciated, any amount makes a big difference. Karen, Shane and Sierra x