Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sierra Today

Have a read through the recent posts and be amazed....Sierra is driving a motorised chair

You had something to do with this extremely high level disabled child being able to see, talk with a computer and now drive a motorised wheelchair. For a child like this any of these are a miracle.
These achievements happened through multiple trips overseas, engaging the best therapists, often from other countries and corners of the globe and a relentless commitment from us to have Sierra go beyond her limits.
Would you be willing to help again? The motorised chair we are buying costs


We are asking everyone who has ever been involved in our journey to look and see if you could be involved again. You could hold a fundraiser at work, at yoga or make a donation. Any amount will make a big difference.
You can donate using the account details on this helpsierra blog or contact me on sierrahelpfund@gmail.com for further details.
Love Karen, Shane and Sierra xx