Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My friend Ravi

Ravi is my taxi driver and friend from when we arrived back into Australia in 2008. 
One day in the car he overheard my conversation about needing money for Sierra, it was our initial fundraiser in Australia. What he did next flawed me......He asked Shane, Sierra and me to come to his Sikh temple. I have never experienced being humbled in the way those two Sunday mornings impacted me. He asked that we wear traditional clothing, I covered my hair. He asked that we write Sierra's disability on a piece of A4 paper in bold black felt pen and he stuck it on the front of a cardboard box. He spoke to the temple president and arranged for us (with Sierra) to sit at the entrance of the temple as people arrived for worship. As people arrived family after family, person after person walked up and put cash donations in the box. Some put in a few dollars and some $20, $50, $100, $150. For at least two hours straight on both occasions we knelt and said thank you to every person who gave. We had hundreds of donations. NOT ONE person knew us or queried how we were chosen to be gifted. Many people touched Sierra's hands and gently stroked her head. Some women smiled and asked if they could hold her. So many families said they would pray for her. And all Shane and I could really do was say thank you to each person who approached. I have never gotten over that experience. The world is full of love, generosity and kindness. ❤️