Saturday, September 12, 2015

A week to go 'Helping Hands'....

It's less than a week until we leave and we are so far from having the finance we need.

What we're focussed on this time is getting Sierra's hands functional so she can drive a motorised wheel chair. I am taking Sierra over to the UK see Anel van dee Merwe (see previous blog posts about the therapy itself)

I've managed to negotiate a good price on everything so far: accommodation walking distance from both the venues where Sierra will be accessing physiotherapy, flights, the physiotherapy itself and venues to bring everyone together to celebrate Sierra's Angels, but the cost is still significant. 

I'm always so anxious at this point that it will be a waste of time, the money won't come or that I will forget to organise something important. It's a big trip with so many details to finalise. 

Every time I have been O/S in this way it has proven to be far more impactful than I imagine BUT I still go through the same thought processes....

Thanks all for your support! A quick reminder of the link if you are willing to give a 'Helping Hand' at this time. 

Ps. Remember to post your 'angel wings' hands to BOTH your Facebook page and Sierra's Angels 

Every $ amount makes a difference.

Love Karen, Shane and Sierra x