Saturday, October 12, 2013

In the 'Burbs

Saturday in the suburbs and it's ground hog day. Sierra has recently come out of ICU and is back at home with little ability to use her mouth to eat and drink effectively. This is the third time this year I have taught her to drink and eat from scratch. Of course the muscle memory kicks back in at some stage but at the moment I can't get through even one meal without several stops and starts and all the rest of the palava!

This has not been the situation in previous years, 2013 just happens to have been the year of re-starting with eating and drinking and I am now close to insane with it all!!!!

On a better note...we went back to Cerebral Palsy school on Friday - first day back of term and first day Sierra was well enough after ICU. She perked up as soon as we arrived! Big time smiles, full-out participation and showing off was at play. 

And on an even better note ... Sierra had her first day of "transition to primary school" on Friday. All the children attending next year at Doncaster Primary will attend every Friday morning for two hours for the rest of the year. The intent is that when they start next year they are at home with the school environment and each other.

In addition, I now have a fantastic girl who will go into the school along with Shane for the first two weeks of next year and train Sierra's 3 aides. Yes, you did read that correctly ... Sierra will have 3 aides working with her next year!!

Progress is slow but we have progress.....Now come on kid and eat!