Saturday, September 14, 2013

Loving a life with disability

I sometimes confide in people that I have made Sierra's disability a life-style choice. What I mean by this is I can view this situation as restrictive and bad OR find the things Sierra gives me access to as exciting, and look for the upside. 

It's easier to see travelling O/S for therapy, fundraising and respite as more exciting than sitting in the Royal Children's Hospital on the weekend. However, I can see the opportunity here as well, when I look!

This weekend I have come down with Sierra's flu so I was able to access antibiotics quickly, and panadeine. Shane and I have a room on Floor 2 and Sierra has one-on-one nurse care so I've really had the opportunity to rest and read. Through Dropbox my sister has also given me access to DVD box sets, my favourite way to get better from illness! Friends, colleagues and family are in touch and we are able to laugh and talk. I was able to reconnect with the lovely Mills family who have been there for us so many times!

Sierra's carer will come here with her homework tomorrow and therefore stay longer and allow me not just to teach but also practice yoga. 

These are small things, but they are the good, wholesome things that have one feel nurtured.

In addition I have been able to prepare for the week ahead. There are important opportunities in my life right now and being here has been helpful for catching up on administration and doing the preparation I need to win!