Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Curry and Cake Days....and now Car-boots as well

My beautiful friends in London are joining in to raise money for Sierra's operation. Last year with tremendous success they held "Curry and Car Wash" and "Curry and Cake" days in the street where they lived. They offered that neighbours could pay £2-£5 pounds for some home cooked curry and get their car washed at the same time or come over and buy some home cooked curry or cake. It created a great vibe for everyone involved, new relationships were built and it raised a fair chunk of money.

This year Fiona has kicked things off by suggesting a day in Brighton with Sangita and others offering to help.

Shirley is doing a charity carboot in Crouch End on 6th May. It is a special event happening on Friday evenings. They are giving her a table free & her friends are donating great clothes and jewellery.

Shirley is also running London 10k in July for Sierra on 10th July!!