Friday, January 14, 2011

Back from London and Prague

This December just Sierra and I went o/s to get help for Sierra.

I am always astounded by what an amazing traveller Sierra is. She is better to travel with than nearly anyone I know! She's relaxed, doesn't complain, watches TV and helps me cut queues due to her disability :-)

We began out trip in London where we saw a new therapist named Heidi. Anel (Sierra's physio for life) had only just given birth so we understood her being unable to treat us this time. However, we were amazed on day 5 when she poked her head in the door and said "Hi". She couldn't stand all the good news about Sierra after she was so poorly last July. She had to see it with her own eyes....she got in her car with her 10 day old daughter and her husband and drove 2 hours to see us!

In Prague we saw Boris and Anna. Both confirmed Sierra's great progress with both vision and motor skills. Thank goodness for their help in July or we would still be blind and poorly. We've come back with 6 months supply of contact lenses and epilepsy medication.

Thanks for your support everyone. We couldn't do this without you!

Love Karen