Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Appointment with Tereza

We saw the Vojta physio Tereza on Thursday after she attended and helped translate the eye appointment with Dr. Zobanova on Wednesday. It is always better to have Tereza with us at appointments where possible because she is able to give a deeper cut to whatever the Prague doctor has been able to communicate. Both our doctors have amazing English but Tereza will say it again and somehow it helps with extra detail.

Tereza is very concerned about Sierra's seizures. She has always worried that they were brought on by the stem cell therapy that Sierra had. Dr. Zobanova assured her this is not the kind of seizure activity you would see from an after effect of stem cell. Although she is an eye doctor and not a neurologist, this is what is so SO amazing about the doctors in Czech Republic, they are not narrow in their knowledge. Dr. Z has made it her business to stay informed about stem cell and knows a lot about seizures because both can affect vision.

Tereza took it upon herself to call a couple of other well known neurologists she has worked with to ask about the new drug we have been recommended. She heard from them that it is a good drug and there is probably a 50% chance of it being effective.