Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update about computer

I haven't been in touch for a while so I thought I better give everyone an update on where we are with the computer. We have exactly enough money raised ($22,600) and now we wait... The new cerebral palsy school Sierra's attending this year has asked us to consider another computer that uses eye gaze that's more compatible with their system. I am now unclear which computer to choose and it has been difficult to find a time when I am at home and the equipment people can arrange bringing both computers at the same time. I've had one appointment and initially it seems Sierra will be better with the computer the school recommends however, I REALLY like the mytobii computer so it will take a little bit more to convince me yet. I have another appointment scheduled in two weeks for Sierra to trial both computers for a second time, in the mean time I'm researching the alternative computer on the internet. Unfortunately these things take some time even after I've made a choice it may take weeks for the government to pay us their part of the funding. I'll keep you up to date with how we are getting on.

Sierra's new school (CPEC) is excellent and has a major focus on communication so all is not lost. We are learning the communication system that will be on the computer as a manual system. That means when we get the computer Sierra will mostly know how to use it.