Monday, November 23, 2009

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!

This is a copy of an email Paul received today after completing the Tour De Sierra:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for a fabulous morning I enjoyed every minute . What a great bunch too....

I've been on to the website and made a donation , as well as sent an email to a whole host of friends and colleagues , so hopefully that will bring in some more money.

Also, Ruby , my daughter is turning 7 year tomorrow.

I told her about Sierra and asked her how she felt about asking her friends to donate to Sierra's computer rather than buy her a birthday present. She thought it was a great idea and was so excited she could do that for Sierra. She actually said " I dont need any presents mum, Sierra needs the computer more than anything".

Bless! She even went to school today with some posters and a box to collect some money... She came home with around $25!!! She asked teachers and her friends to donate their slushy money ! very sweet , Im so proud of her.

Thanks again, and see you soon.


With Tour De Sierra complete and All 5 Classes complete we have a running total of: $3151.57