Friday, November 27, 2009

Mystery Mark

The day before 13 crazi yogi's did all 5 classes in one day mystery Mark came into the Fitzroy studio. He was looking around the Sierra fundraising desk then went over to Michael and Susan and said, "I'd like to donate, how do I do that?" Michael said, "You can give the money to me." Mark pulled out a wad of cash. Michael was expecting him to pass over one $50 from the top, instead he handed over the lot!

Susan and Michael were too embarassed to count it at the time but as soon as Mark left they discovered he had donated $500.

The very next day it was "All 5 Classes" day. Shane and I had Sierra with us in the studio so people could connect with her. I was sitting in front of the computer and I heard Susan say, "Karen this is Mark!!"

I said, "Oh Mark...Here is the child and here is the computer." I shared with him about Sierra and showed him how to use the computer. Of course we also thanked him for his generous donation.

After that next class, totally unexpected, Mark came out and gave Michael another $500!!!!

Thank you mystery Mark. Our running total is now: $5151.57