Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazi Yogi's doing all 5 Classes in one day!!

Last year a group of 5 people did all 5 classes in one day to raise money. Inspired by their efforts, this year the group expanded to 13 people!!

We asked people attending class on the day to make donations to support us and we raised $905. (There will also be the amounts that some of those yogi's got in sponsorship from their friends in advance that they will now collect.)

It was an inspiring day. Not only for those who did all 5 classes but everyone who participated in the day. Many teachers came and did one of the classes to support. There were the lovely teachers who kept us going with their terrific classes and made great announcements. It gave people an opportunity to connect with Sierra and Shane over lunch. There was also the breakthrough for all people who participated in putting mind over matter and taking new ground in their practice.

Thank you everyone. I feel so moved by the community that we are.