Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update of Results from all our Fantastic Trips!

#1 For those of you who have just joined, Shane, Sierra and I moved back to Australia from England for a steady income and so we could have help from our family in February 2008 and have since done 4 trips back to the UK and Europe to get the best possible care for Sierra. While care in Australia exists it does not compare with what is offerred OS.

Trip 1 March 08: We picked up her disability chair, saw the physiotherapists Anel and Teresa for additional guidance on how to keep Sierra progressing, got input from Dr. Zivny about her overall condition and a prognosis and visited Dr. Zobanova for an Eye Appointment.
Benefits: The chair has been confirmed by the disability chair providers in Australia to be the best make in the world and it has been a saviour for us. Sierra can not sit unaided and needed something sophisticated to enable her to be able to do basic things like bring her arms forward and play. You can see her enthusiasm from the photos taken when we first arrived back - she had never been enabled to do this kind of play before without expert handling from physiotherapists. Even Shane and I could not hold her body in such a way that she could bring both arms forward to play because of her difficulty in holding her trunk and head.
The glasses took Sierra from having virtually no ability to focus to some ability to focus. The idea is that by using a +3 lens you entice the brain to learn to focus. This sometimes works and sometimes doesn't but with Sierra it did! Physiotherapy is the backbone of everything. Both Anel and Teresa know Sierra well and gave us guidance on how to continue for the next few months. The physiotherapists we have in OZ do the same style so each compliments the other.